When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be all kinds of things: an architect, a mermaid, a veterinarian, a professional tree climber, an archaeologist. I grew up, like anybody else, to learn that I could not be a mermaid, and that archaeologists don’t get paid very much, and that I wasn’t really good at climbing trees. So I loved those things and left them behind, much like some of the most important things in my life did me. Those dreams and things weren’t quashed so much as they were resigned to a certain fate– the quiet acceptance in the back of a child’s mind– otherwise known as The Way Things Are. I learned an important lesson early on that most people don’t come to until a much later age, that even though people leave, they don’t want to, and even when people wish to, they cannot. I don’t have a title to neatly wrap the meaning of that lesson into, so you can just call it whatever you want.

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