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July 20, 2010

Things and Stuff

I remember, when I was younger, I would think to myself when something particularly good or exceptional or bad or small happened, “Remember this, because it will come in handy later.” I didn’t think I actually had a good reason for doing that at the time, but I now see the value in the things I arbitrarily made myself memorize. These things weren’t useful in a practical manner, like time tables or citation guidelines; they were just things that happened to me, around me. Things like falling on Jessie’s treadmill, teaching Levi how to waltz in the girl’s locker room, Twila telling me off at a basketball game for trying to talk to her too much. Things like Dad crushing a toy train under his boot, my brother drawing on the bedroom wall, the crab soup Mom would make while we waited for Dad to come home. They seem little now, but not in an insignificant way. It’s more of a precious kind of quality. Stuff that I remember, that I love remembering.

Just things.