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February 15, 2011

Oh God, so Tired

So you guys go look at this artist's stuff while I do exactly this.

This has to be relevant to me and so many people I know. This artist, Mitra Farmand, is good at hitting the nail on the head and has a great set of comics on her Flickr for those who might be interested. Which all of you are.

February 10, 2011

Avoiding the Dreaded “Art Fart”

Baikan, Kawashima

I’ve been collecting hundreds of reference images lately, but I’ve always had a habit of collecting things that I just happen to like, so some of those will probably end up here for you all to see at some point or another. Most recently, I have been looking at a lot of Japanese art- mostly paintings and prints- to study differences in composition, areas of artistic interest, colors, that sort of thing. I find that I have a Western sense of composition that is combined with an Eastern way of mark-making. Someone told me once that I should draw everything with a Sumi-E brush, which was flattering in a sense, but not practical -so I don’t do that.

I am very obviously influenced by Asian art, as my mother is Korean and we have many Korean oil paintings, silk screen paintings, crafted wood furniture and ceramics in our home, but I never realized exactly how much those seemingly ambient surroundings effected my subconscious until late 2009. Since then, I have paid very close attention to my surroundings and the elements within them like color, patterns and texture, and have noticed that a lot of my color choices in my work come from those very surroundings- even though they weren’t intended to. So now my life has become a huge visual and subconscious observance of pretty much everything. Which is overwhelming, to say the least. But it is also richly informing, being able to look at most anything and gain some sort of inspiration from it to incorporate into my work. I highly recommend this kind of gathering to anyone in an artistic or visual slump, or any other kind of slump, surely because it will help the rusty cogs to turn again in your mind.

But sometimes it is okay to just sit around and drink tea, too.

February 8, 2011

Often, I am praised for being honest about things or speaking honestly. I can only do that because I was a shithead adolescent.

February 8, 2011


February 6, 2011

Here is a pretty picture of the tree in my apartment complex’s courtyard in summer. It will be nice when it gets warm again.

February 6, 2011

Lots of Words- Hello 2011

I’ve been on hiatus for longer than I thought I would be. When I am at home on break from school I hardly pay attention to the internet. The only times I ever seemed to go online were when I wanted to see what was happening in the world- usually by news- or to occasionally check Facebook. I feel like when I’m back in KC the internet kind of becomes my emotional crutch, a replacement for the social interaction and closeness I have with people when I visit home. Which makes my feelings towards it bittersweet at best. It ends up being a source of information, entertainment, distraction, all those things, but it is not the same as just being within the vicinity of someone I love. Obviously. I don’t think I have a point, but I am apologizing for not updating for so long.

Money is tight, and getting tighter as the spring semester rolls on. No one ever knows when their financial aid is going to come in, they can only ever loosely approximate. Penny-pinching is going to be my way of life for a very long time thanks to my education. Penny-pinching almost sounds pleasant, or quaint in some way, but I mean it in a desperate sense. Everyone should be able to be educated without it costing them their livelihood.. in an ideal world. Sometimes I really wish that I had gone to school for something other than art. But I am not really good at any other thing. Having interest in things and being good at them are two completely different concepts. I guess this is just my calling in life. In a time when my country tells me that artists aren’t needed, but math and science teachers are. My life and aspirations have always been limited by some restriction, but the closer I get to graduating the tighter those restrictions become, or my awareness of new ones brings about new fears. I want to live in a place where I can stand on my own two feet as a working artist, not where I will continue to struggle in every sense and end up hating it.

I don’t know. If I keep working hard, I think I can make things work. But working hard doesn’t always get people what they want. I live in a world with many people who have worked their hardest and been through so much more than I have but it still didn’t get them what they wanted. I am in a world where people really can fail, and aren’t “good enough.” This is not a pessimistic view, it is reality. Another restriction.