There’s Nowhere Else to Go

I keep searching for a distraction,
something to keep me
occupied other than what I know
I need to do-
if that is, indeed,
what I need-
which is wherein the
problem lies. I don’t know
what I need
I only know what I want.
It isn’t here, or now.
So where, when is it?
Goddammit, already.

I’m growing tired

of waiting.


2 Comments to “There’s Nowhere Else to Go”

  1. At the end of long dark tunnel, there is always a place that light shinning through. Everything that has beginning has an end. Don’t give up searching or waiting whatever you wish for. You will get it if you really desire it as long as you reach out for it.
    Just a random thought to share…
    Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy your Tturkeey,
    gobble, gobble!

  2. Thank you, Holly. I really appreciate the warm thoughts. Your new blog looks really good- great colors. Take care of yourself.

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