Ode to A Fat Retard

While a happy picture of the most famous of the Rebel Alliance may be nice to look at, I doubt it was nice enough to look at for as long as I have been absent. Apologies.

Summer vacation has begun and I have been working and looking for a place to call a studio. Since I have no real space to work in, I’ve mostly been doodling in a little book I carry around. Maybe if I compile enough of the little guys, I’ll scan them and let you see. Maybe.

Other than that, not much has been happening. Going through my second play-through of Mass Effect so I can finally play Mass Effect 2. I have also been playing Pokemon SoulSilver on the DS quite a bit, but have slowed down as of late.

Surprisingly, life is much less confusing and daunting when your stress levels aren’t going through the roof- who knew? I went to Kansas City (if you have not guessed, I am back in the hometown) recently to take care of some “business,” and while I was there I got to hang out with some of my friends. Thanks to those who made my visit fun and not unbearable, you know who you are.

So now it is back to the grind. I’m going to go make some pavlova cupcakes and kill Matriach Beneziah against my will. I will do better on the updates. Promise.


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