I’m not coming back to KCAI next year.

I’m going to (finally) dye my hair dark green.

I’m getting two tattoos, one on each wrist; probably this weekend.

I’m going to be single for longer than at least year.

I’m going to try culinary school on for size. I love cooking. That way, I can at least have a semi-stable profession.

This list isn’t necessarily in order.

Or true. April Fools.


2 Comments to “Decisions”

  1. I thought all of this was true, haha. Not that I would have cared.

  2. The strange thing is, I’m not sure that these are things I wouldn’t actually want. To what degree, I can’t say. If I had to give a percentage as some sort of hypothetical aid, it might be 3%.

    Though the less superficial items on this list are most likely byproducts of a desire to give up.

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