Hilariously Bad Tattoos

Fuck me running. If I ever catch any of you guys with anything that resembles the shit I’m about to post, expect a good backhanding. Hit the jump to see what I mean.

Knowing how to spell would help.

I can't even...ugh.

One word: Crayons.

The title says it all.

Brought to you by Microsoft Paint.

This one has potential to be awesome.

Yes. Tina Turner as an undead bearded mermaid.


The title says it all... again.

There are no words.

I'm sure this has a deep meaning behind it and I'm just too stupid to get it.


Please. Just please.

Saved the best for last, because it’s so ridiculous it’s awesome:


3 Comments to “Hilariously Bad Tattoos”

  1. The Rei one is pretty cool if you imagine that the scenery is a starry night instead of blotchy, zit ridden hide.

  2. It’s not pretty cool because it’s drawn terribly. Also anime characters don’t belong on your body.

  3. HAHAHA. The bear one ripping out of the flesh is hilarious. I almost laughed out loud in class.

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