From Sept. 28, ’09: Comte is the Mother of All Fathers!

So today was pretty blegh. I was shit tired all day, even now I don’t feel as peppy as I usually do. I did get very little sleep last night, but I thought the adrenaline would kick in at some point. It didn’t. ;[

Had an extremely exciting critique on collagraphs today. And by exciting I mean I wanted to die. It was mainly due to my exhaustion and allergies, but there was enough poofy prattle during the critique to make me squirm in my chair. I probably heard the word “like” 150 times. Does no one else share my hatred of it? What did the English language sound like before people started mangling it by adding “like” every five words? I wish I could, like, remember…

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to provide this wonderful link to Geekologie.

Have a look-see and enjoy. I know I did.


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