From Oct. 19, ’09: Openings, Accidents, Insomnia, Printmaking

First of all, HI, LI!

So I survived midterms. Dear god, they were horrible. Two studio classes and two liberal arts classes; two research papers, five projects, two weeks, two hours of sleep per night. Talk about Hell. Hell comes in pairs? Apparently.

The Mattie Rhodes show went rather well; our altar and window display received a lot of compliments, and some people even seemed grateful for our contribution, which was nice. Being part of a collaboration is exhausting, but it really separates the workers from the parasites. Which is good, I think. But… there should be no parasites. Ever.
I didn’t actually make it to the opening reception for the show… because I got in a bit of a car accident. There was a giant, buzzing insect flying angrily around my face while I drove to the opening, and I only assume that it was a horsefly because of the size, color and sound. Anyway, as I fought to keep my face from being eaten, a car in front of me stopped to turn… and I wasn’t paying enough attention to the road to notice, and I slammed into the rear of it at 35 mph. Which isn’t that bad, as far as accidents go. I didn’t get hurt, and neither did the person’s car, apparently, because when I got out to survey the damage, their back bumper remained unscathed, and the entire front end of my car looked like:

…Yeah. Just like that. The main thing I feel bad about is that the car I hit belonged to a fellow artist, a woman named Diane. Wherever you are… sorry, comrade. /hangs head

But since then, yeah, I’ve gone through midterms, had my car in the shop while I drove around in a beautiful rental car… this one, actually:

Uhnnnnn… It was a great car. A smexy car. Anyway, got Curtis fixed up and now he’s all shiny and beautiful again, which is good. Even though the rental was very nice, it had little personality. Yes. Curtis is the name of my car. No, you may not ask questions.

Well, I went home this last weekend. And I really didn’t want to come back to KC.. but I did. Because I’m responsible. Or something. It consisted mostly of Jonas and I living on his bed, talking, cuddling, doing no-nos. He fed me lots of food, which was nice considering I lost ten pounds over midterms from not eating much more than a cookie and five cups of coffee a day. We saw Couple’s Retreat and Where the Wild Things Are. Both were good, in different ways, of course. Couple’s Retreat was a not-so-far departure from Vince Vaughn’s usual comedy shtick, but the variety of actors and actresses was a welcoming sight. I do commend Mr. Vaughn’s more sensitive moments in the film. I’m glad the guy can do more than crude dick jokes and blatant cynicism.
Where the Wild Things Are was good, as well. Prior to seeing it, I had heard mixed reviews, but I ignored them as I usually do, and didn’t read anything online about the film, thus entering the theatre relatively unprepared for what I was about to see. I think the most important thing that people seemed to forget, as my classmate Teal put it, is that the book was based around Max’s imagination. It wasn’t meant to be a story, a narrative. It was difficult to watch him retreat into his mind to escape the issues of his family life, or lack thereof. There were great parts, funny ones, endearing, sad, scary ones. The role reversals once he crossed the chasm between his reality and his fantasy were satisfying. I’m glad I got so excited about the movie. It’s been forever since I’ve read the book, and while nostalgia was a big factor in seeing the film, the poignancy of the emotions and dialogue and relationships made it more than some vague childhood memory.

Whoa, sorry. I don’t usually talk about the movies I see. At least, not in type form. I end the post with this extremely relevant YouTube video.


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